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Our curated curriculum is aimed with 3 key objectives. They are:


We believe effective communication is key in abling our children to fend for themselves when they are required to enter the workforce to support their families. Apart from the ability to speak, it is equally important for our children to know how to make themselves understood by the audience they engage with. This in return will help them understand themselves better as well as provide clarity as to what they would like to pursue


Given the infrastructure of refugee learning centres in Malaysia today, the majority of our children are not able to appreciate the concept of cause and effect. This is because there is very little differentiation between the outcomes of children who do well and those who do not. Both groups of children will never receive a recognised certificate of their education. Both groups of children will have the same limited job opportunities when they are required to support the family at the age of 15.

This lack of appreciation is then unfortunately passed on to other aspects of their lives. It is therefore important for our children to understand this concept.


With the support of the Catholic Doctors Association Malaysia. our learning center provides free medical consultation and free medication for our Myanmar refugee community in Kuala Lumpur.

Headed by Dr. Anthony Samy, doctors from the Catholic Doctor's Association of Malaysia come to our learning centre once a fortnight to provide medical services to our Myanmar refugee community. 

These doctors provide consultation of their own capacity and the Association provides medical supplies.

Our full-time staff also get involved. Cecilia is our resident nursing assistant!