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Thanks to the wonderful donations from the Regis High School community, we have been able significantly improve the quality of our internet connectivity, allowing our students to experience more seamless online classes. We have now have 3 distinct WIFI networks, which can each maintain connectivity for 8 tablets at a time. We have also increased the number of physical tablets on site to 18. With better tablets and increased internet capabilities, there are no longer any worries about interruptions in our online classes. Our online volunteers can teach the students more effectively and develop more personal relationships with them. These updates will further improve the learning experience.​ Linked below are pictures of our upgraded capabilities.



Unfortunately, the situation in Myanmar is only getting worse. As the number of Burmese refugees heading to Malaysia continues to rise, we have been accepting more refugee students. Luckily, we have been able to bolster our teaching capabilities to account for the rise in students by bringing in more full-time teachers and expanding our partnership with Regis High School. 

Over the past year, the pool of Regis volunteers teaching for the ZRCLC has increased to 35! As this number continues to increase, more of the students are able to receive individualized practice in reading, writing, and communication, which are the most important skills for these students to learn.

Yet again, we were so fortunate to have two Regis online teachers, Michael Cameron and Daniel Ngiam, come all the way from New York to visit the school. They were able to teach the students in-person and coordinate with in-person teachers. See what they were able to accomplish below. 




Unfortunately, virtual meetings on Zoom have become increasingly restrictive. Despite the wonderful success we used to have with Zoom, Zoom's new restrictions have rendered the platform not viable for online classes at the ZRCLC. To maintain high-quality online classes, we have decided to start transferring online classes to Google Meet, a much more flexible high-quality platform. Thanks to Michael Cameron, the lead coordinator for online volunteers from Regis High School, we have been able to create a reliable Google Meet system that has enjoyed many successes so far. Read all about it below.