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the refugee situation in malaysia


Correct as of June 23, 2024

As of the end of June 2024, there are some 189,340 refugees and asylum-seekers registered with UNHCR in Malaysia.  

Some 166,290 are from Myanmar, comprising some 109,230 Rohingyas, 26,350 Chins, and 30,710 other ethnic groups from conflict-affected areas or fleeing persecution in Myanmar. 

The remaining individuals are some 23,040 asylum-seekers from 50 countries fleeing war and persecution, including some 6,210 Pakistanis, 3,310 Yemenis, 2,860 Somalis, 2,850 Syrians, 2,830 Afghans, 1,240 Sri Lankans, 650 Iraqis, 620 Palestinians, and others. Some 65% of refugees and asylum seekers are men, while 35% are women. 

There are some 52,810 children below the age of 18.