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1. Special thanks to Felicia who donated all the paint we needed for our 2 floor learning centre. Your generosity means alot to us, our students and the community !

When resources are limited and we continually challenged financially in running our learning centre, the need to regularly spruce our 2 floor premise with a fresh coat of paint may be seen as a non-essential or even indulgent.

However we at ZRCLC see otherwise and place a lot of emphasis in incorporating cleanliness and order as part of our curriculum for our children. This helps instills in them the importance of maintenance and care for our environment and property. 

Our students take turns to sweep the floor, wipe the tables, wash the toilets and clear the trash bins on a daily basis after school ensuring the school is all fresh and clean at the start of the following day. 

Equally our parents and community are invited to be part of this process as we invite them annually to help us with general cleaning and repair(s) during the Chinese New Year holidays.

Have a glimpse of the talents each parent and community member brought with them at our annual spring cleaning