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CODE OF CONDUCT (Online Tutor Volunteers) 


In applying to become a ZRCLC Online Tutor Volunteer :

  • I understand that the decision to accept me or not accept me as a volunteer is the right of ZRCLC.
  • I understand that my acceptance into the ZRCLC Online Tutor Volunteer Program commits me 12 weekly lessons of 45 minutes.
  • I understand that I will be required to undertake induction and/or service/program training prior to commencing volunteer work with ZRCLC.
  • I understand that volunteering for an organization is a privilege, not a right. If selected as a volunteer, I understand that I serve at the request of ZRCLC and that the request can be withdrawn at any time.

In the capacity of a ZRCLC Online Tutor Volunteer :

  • I agree that the only appropriate relationship as a volunteer with any ZRCLC student is that of adult volunteer, not friend or peer to a child, youth or vulnerable adult.
  • I agree to establish and maintain safe environments by preserving appropriate boundaries.​
  • I agree to conduct online lessons in a neutral area where nothing inappropriate can be seen or heard in the background.
  • I agree to be civil and courteous towards the staff, students, parents, volunteers of ZRCLC and the public. Others may think and do things differently than what I personally prefer, but I will be respectful of their values and perspectives.
  • I agree to disseminate information without regard to race, age, colour, religion, national origin or ancestry, sex, gender, disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression.
  • I agree to not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs (non-prescription drugs) during the online lessons.
  • I agree not to provide the student/s with illegal contents or encourage their use.
  • I agree to use positive reinforcement with ZRCLC students rather than criticism, competition or comparison.
  • I agree to employ appropriate conduct, speech and dress.
  • I agree not to take photos and/or post photos of any ZRCLC students on any social media without seeking due permission from ZRCLC. 
  • I do not have criminal convictions with children.
  • I understand that any breach of the ZRCLC Volunteer Code of Conduct may lead to an immediate termination of services as a volunteer​