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6th Station - Veronica Wipes Jesus' Face


We adore you O Christ & we praise you


Because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world.

Consider the compassion of Veronica. Seeing Jesus in such distress, His face bathed in sweat and blood, she presented Him with her veil. Jesus wiped His face, and left upon the cloth the image of his sacred face.

When Veronica stepped out to wipe Jesus' face, she risked getting in big trouble from the soldiers. However, her love and kindness overcame her fear.

Does fear or rejection by others prevent us from saying or doing the right thing? 

Prayer : All
Jesus, I want to love you like Veronica. Help me to be brave to do and say the right things even if it may be unpopular.or reject and despice by others. AMEN

Sing : All
Were you there when the women wiped His face? x 2
Oh! Sometimes It causes me to
Tremble, tremble, tremble

Were you there when the women wiped His face?