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FROM 400,000 TO 2,500 IN 30 DAYS

The above graphic shows how if there are 1,000 infected persons in a country today, they can either infect another 400,000 persons or only 2,500 persons in 30 days depending on the percentage of of social distancing that is applied.

We hope that this simple graphic will help you to understand the importance of STAYING AT HOME. It is no surprise that more and more countries around the world are aggressively adopting this measure. 

Lets all do our part and stay at home!

From all of us at

Zotung Refugee Catholic Learning Centre

25 March 2020

The entire world is calling us to social distance and stay at home. But many of us are still unclear about how effective this measure really is.

One graphic, created by University of California San Diego assistant professor Robert A.J. Signer and art director Gary Warshaw, shows how it works

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