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12th Station - Jesus Dies On The Cross


We adore you O Christ & we praise you


Because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world.

Consider how Your Jesus, after three hours of agony on the cross, is finally overwhelmed with suffering and, abandoning Himself to the weight of His body, bows His head and dies. (kneel)

When Jesus died, the sky got dark and the ground started to shake. This made some people very scared. They saw that Jesus was innocent and that they had made a big mistake.

Have we made mistakes ourselves?

Prayer : All
Jesus, help me to admit when I make mistakes. Help me to say I’m sorry. Help me never to be afraid to making amends when I am in the wrong. AMEN

Sing : All
Were you there when He yielded up his soul? x 2
Oh! Sometimes It causes me to
Tremble, tremble, tremble
Were you there when He yielded up his soul?