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Unfortunately, Zoom has significantly increased its restrictions on online meeting rooms. Now, meetings automatically end after 40 minutes and keep people from joining back for at least 10 minutes. As a result, we at the ZRCLC became unable to host full hour long online classes, as Zoom only allowed these online classes to last for 40 minutes. To ensure full-length classes could be hosted online, we decided to look for alternatives. Fortunately, Google Meet proved to be a viable alternative as they offer online meetings that have a 60 minute time limit. After some research, lead online coordinator Michael Cameron established a system of Google Classes for the learning center. He made a zoom room for every grade level and made them accessible to all students and teachers at any time. So far, we have had tremendous success. Everyone has been able to join their classes, and the quality of video, audio, and share screen has been impressive. Below are some examples of our recent success. We continue to hope for future successes, and we thank Michael for creating this system. 

Teacher Michael teaches English Grammar to P4 on Google Meet!

Teacher Adeline teaches English Literature to P4 on Google Meet!