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1st Station - Jesus Is Condemn To Death


We adore you O Christ & we praise you


Because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world.

Consider how Jesus Christ, after being scourged and crowned with thorns, was unjustly condemned by Pilate to die on the cross.

Jesus was accused of many crimes that he didn't commit. He didn't defend himself. He knew that He had to die for our sins.

Are we fast to judge or condemn others without fully knowing their circumstance or situation? Do we hate those who have wrongly accused us?

Prayer : All
Dear Jesus, it is so easy to pass judgement on others. It is also easy to hold a grudge against those who have wronged us. Please help me forgive those who have wronged me and have kind thoughts for others.

Help me be more like you. AMEN

Sing : All
Were you there when the judge condemned my Lord? x2
Oh! Sometimes It causes me to
Tremble, tremble, tremble
Were you there when the judge condemned my Lord?