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3rd Station - Jesus Falls The First Time


We adore you O Christ & we praise you


Because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world.

Consider the first fall of Jesus. Loss of blood from the scourging and crowing with thorns had so weakened Him that He could hardly walk; and yet He had to carry that great load upon His shoulders. As the soldiers struck Him cruelly, He fell several times under the heavy cross

Jesus was already badly wounded when he fell the first time. While it must have hurt very much He got up and kept going.

Is there something in our life right now that isn't going the way we would like it? Do we feel like giving up? 

Prayer : All
When we don’t succeed in school or at work, it can make us feel defeated. Jesus was hurt but never defeated. Jesus, I want your attitude of hope and victory even if I am not succeeding. Help me Jesus to be more like you. AMEN

Sing : All
Were you there when he fell beneath the weight? X 2
Oh! Sometimes It causes me to
Tremble, tremble, tremble
Were you there when he fell beneath the weight?