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P3 listens in to their Oral Comprehension class!

Luca Dalven teaches P2 with the story "The Frog and the Toad Together!"

Leo Damato teaches P2 with the story "Will the Wolf!"

These are the ZTE routers we are currently using for our networks.

With the improvement of our internet capabilities, our students have experienced consistent, seamless online classes, ensuring they get the education they deserve. These online classes have proven to be effective: by interacting with teachers whose dominant language is English, the students learn how to communicate better. Not only does their ability grow, but their confidence does too. For example, they are starting to have conversations between themselves in English! These online classes must be reliable for this to work, as our students cannot benefit from this if the zoom classes are always laggy. Fortunately, lead coordinator Michael Cameron was able to help us transition to these increased capabilities when he was at the learning center in-person. He troubleshooted issues and helped the students join their classes with these new internet capabilities. As a result, students can now hear their teachers clearly, and can respond to them in English clearly. Below are some pictures of the recent successes with our new internet capabilities. 

Cristian Sicha teaches P2 with the ​Berenstain Bears​!

David Solano shares grammar exercises for P4!