Watch Our Tiny Tots From Kindergarten Enjoying The Group Dance Activity


Kidzania for the sponsorship of 70 entrance tickets (50 children & 20 adults

Angela, Angelina, Balu, Christina, Esther, Helen, Janete, Raymond, Mary, Simon for accompanying the children and paying for our meals and drinks for the whole day

Joshua for sponsoring the bus trip to and fro our school & Kidzania


Through the generosity of Kidzania of who gave us 70 free tickets (50 children & 20 adults) our children, volunteers & parents had a memorable learning experience for their 1st end of semester excursion. Thank you Kidzania for your generosity. Thank you volunteers for your time!

Here is a snapshot of the day

"Who Is My Neighbour" sung by ZRCLC students as a "Thank You"

to our volunteers to accompanied and spent the day with us at Kidzania

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